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1.1 What Is Diversism ?


( 1 ) A 21st Century Architecture and world theory concept. LC 2015



( 2 ) Diversism is a series of Constructed built up and connected theories of simultaneous Diverse trajectories.- Proving the current and most imporatnt forefront in multiple fields and industries is a direction towards increasing diverse production whilst Maintaining and protecting the biologically Diverse. This Diverse production is suited to how indivi- duals wish to live their lifes, Constructing all human activity around protecting and increasing Bio -logical and cultural Diverse richness. This theory has Constructed and brought together the separate simoultaneous trajectories of the Diverse and threats to the Diverse.



( 3 ) A constructive crtique of current architecture and industry. - And a Manifesto for progress.



( 4 ) An Activism concept for the reversal of Diverse depletion culturally,architecturally and      biologically.



(5) An answer to the question of what is the potential and what can be and is the Architecture of our age ?



(6) A design philosophy.




1.2 Why Another Ism ?


Why another Ism ? Why isms are good for the advancement of mankind ? - They are good

literary terms, They provide a term and a means for people to describe a Multi-layered, multi

faceted culmination of ideas. This culmination is Important to help us do things, such as stand back from our civilization on planet earth evaluate and ask ourselves - are we doing the right thing, Or our we facilitating the possibility for each other to do what each of us believe is the right

self direction.


Diversism has mainly been constructed to describe firstly two of the most important simultaneous trajectories of the 21st century.  These two trajectories are :



( 1 ) Protecting biological Diversity


( 2)  and building Diverse cities.




1.3 Why Diversism ?


Why Diversism ? - There are many more layers and reasons for why this particular ism was constructed/invented in late 2008.


The subsequent notes and writings explain and explores the many reasons for and encompasses the many values behind the idea, detailing the claim of a transition towards a Diverse Architectural Pradigm. Explaining why Architecture up untill this point has been invariently recursive and combinatorially repetitive.


The Concept stresses on Biological Diversity and cultural Diversity, Highlighting the wealth of

the Diverse and threats to the Diverse.







Diversism Can be communicated in five succint points -



(1) Protecting Geological Diversity


(2) Protecting Bio diversity


(3) Building/maintaining Diverse culture


(4) Building Diverse Architecture


(5) Building Diverse Industries





( 001.1 ) - Geological Diversity and the Anthropocene Epoch.



Defining the age:


The Geologic Clock -


In the grand scheme of the earth human beings exist within the The time span of the named Phanerozoic Eon. The definitive characteristics of this Eon is the period of time when diverse hard-shelled animals first appeared.


During the Phanerozoic Era, biodiversity shows a steady but not monotonic increase from near zero to several thousands of genera.


The phanerozoic Era is constructed or broken down into Three time periods the paleozoic, the

meszoic and the cenozoic. The latter of the three the cenozoic is broken down into three further catogorys the paleogene, the Neogene and the Quaternary.


The Quaternary Period is divided into two epochs: the Pleistocene (2.588 million years ago to 11.7 thousand years ago) and the Holocene (11.7 thousand years ago to today).



The Holecene is the current geological era we exsist in today, However We have potentially left this Holocene Stage of environmental stability - Two main route causes have created this potential departure. This departure may or may not be able to be reversed depending on human intervention.


The two main route causes are -


(A) Emissions In the 1800's due to the Agriculture and industrial revolutions.


(B) The 1950s explosion in population and resource exploitation.




- Anthropocene - official nomenclature of the geological field of study ?



- The Anthropocene is a proposed geologic chronological term for an epoch that begins when human activities have had a significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems.The term – appears to have been used by Russian scientists at least as early as the 1960s.


The term is to Describe our transition into a new epoch in the wake of these new emerging conditions which have been building exponentially since the 1950's - The geological society of London is to make the final decision.


Its very Interesting Geologists are also defining the age in which we are entering, charactarized by the hightened urgency of diminishing diversity. We ( many architects ) share their urgency and see the forthcoming expenetial rate of increased importance of bio-diversity this century immenent just as with all other fields.


Geologists have lead the way in describing the transition to a new epoch characterized dominantly and evidently by the loss of biological diversity. The term may or may not be added to the geologic clock of geological eras.


The Diversism Theory of architecture describes how the diversification of new 21st century architecture is also a result of the study of bio-diversity in new fields such as biomimicry and biological architecture.


Interestingly Architecture is also a contributor to the solution of protecting bio-diversity through these same fields.


The evidence is continuing to be analysed regarding the defining of the new geologic era, geologists currently are putting the evidence forward for further analysis. Climate change is not the strongest argument for the case of defining this new age of the anthropocene Bio-diversity is, Many of the earths epochs are defined by sharp changes in fossil records something happened to the biology of the planet. - Periods of the earths history is defined by the abrupt changes in the biological part of the planet.


Many share the need for defining a new epoch and identiyfying the paradigmn whilst in it, As we stand on the crossroads with a choice of direction towards that of a Diverse and rich planet full of life and culture. or an impoverished planet full of homogenization and monoculture.





( 002 ) - Biological Diversity



Diversism is a response to Diminished, Enduring and Emergent Diversity. These three

categories will form the structure of analysis of the various subjects analysied in this

document,Starting with the second of my five points of the Diverse - Biological Diversity.




Threats to the Diverse:


Diminished & Enduring


Extinction :


Mono cultures: - Lessons from standardization


( 1 ) Palm oil Forest replacing bio-Diversity

( 2 ) Tea Fields replacing Bio-Diversity

( 3 ) Eucalyptus Plantations Replacing Bio - Diversity

( 4 ) Eucalyptus plantations replacing bio diversity issue. -

( 5 ) Poplar Trees and bio-diversity

( 6 ) Oat Fields Replacing Bio-diverse land












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